Tuesday, December 13, 2016

These Shoe Have Changeable Heels

Assalamualaikum & hi..

Hi guys, how's your weekend? Mine was bored. I just stay at home and lay down on my bed all the day haha teruknya! . Oh ya..by the way salam maulidur rasul to all muslim's blogger and silent reader and to you. Yes, you!

These shoe have changeable heels. Amazing isn't it? Shared by Bored Panda on Facebook. I wish to have one. I think i've fallen in love with this adorable shoe. Hmm

Sources : Bored Panda
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with love ~ Cik Itah @ ramaramapendek


  1. Salam Maulidur Rasul Cik itah..
    Bestnya kalau dapat kasut cengginie..
    boleh tukar2 dia nya heel..

  2. Mcm best jak ni tpi kita x pkai heels

  3. Sihh macam risau jak kalau heel tu tertanggal...boleh tjatuh kali oo haha

  4. Wah..Menarik..Suka option ke-3 & Ke-4..hoho

  5. hebatlah.. tapi harga dia pun mst mcm beli 2 @ 3 kasut jugak..

  6. menarik kasut ni boleh tukar² heels. senang beli satu kasut je kan.

  7. mcm best je kasut ni.. kalau rasa tak nak pakai heels boleh tnggalkn..xpyh spare 2 kasut.

  8. Menariknya kasut boleh tukar heels. Sangat berguna :)