cik itah

"A personal blog with a random topic based on my own ideas and opinions. Some stories are basically based on my experience and people nearby me specifically friends and families"

Yo, I'm Litah the girl who like butterfly and wish to be one. You can also call me Itah. Since this is a casual blog so i'm not gonna introduce myself in a professional way or dot dot dot..

Are you watching One Piece? Because i do. I am not an anime lover but i do watch anime but i only obsessed with One Piece and of course my favorite character is Monkey D.Luffy. Chottomatte, why am i talking about this now?? lol..

Let me tell you a bit about my self. I was born and raised in Kota Belud, Sabah on 10th September 1991. I start blogging on February 2011 until now but not really an active blogger and to be honest yes i just made a comeback because mood kelaut for a very long time. So that's it. Have a great day and keep in touch blogger and silent reader (if any lah haha).

with love~Cik Itah @ ramaramapendek