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cik itah

"A personal lifestyle blog owned by the girl who love to cook and share her cooking recipe though she's not a food expert. She loved anime but she's not an otaku either. Any random stories in this blog is basically based on her experiences and people nearby her specifically friends and families."

Yo. A bio is supposed to be here but i don't know what to put.. But hey, are you watching One Piece? Because i do. I am not an anime lover but i do watch anime but i only obsessed with One Piece and of course my favorite character is Monkey D.Luffy. Chottomatte, why am i talking about this now?? 😂
The truth about girl when they watching anime is..often, they will end up fallin love with the guy that doesn't even exist and i am among those girl and here i am thinking about jumping into anime world. Someday.

Here's a lil intro. My name is Litah. Previously this blog known as Cik Itah Personal Lifestyle Blog. I'm just a part time blogger, writing for fun but i do looking forward for any collaboration. Do mail me at litah.lalin@gmail.com or whatsapp +60143437926 for any enquiries. 

Pardon my grammars because it is no based on English class that i've learned from school but from an English Movies, of course there's alot of grammatical error ha ha ha so be it because i don't care lol

Thanks for dropping here and good day!