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Because His Plan Better Than Yours

Because His Plan Better Than Yours

Posted on: Thursday, January 16, 2020

Allah plan better than yours

Yo, hisashiburi ! (it's been awhile) 😆

Baru layan One Piece and few anime ber"Japanese" bagai kau itah, ada karang kena tampiling ni 😜. Nahh this is my first story in 2020, so how is your 2020's so far? Good? Me hmm even before 2019 ended a lot of things happened and beyond my expectation. Everything in my previous year I bring it all-in in my 2020. Why? Because I still need to cope with the situation. Some said “close the old book and open a new one”. Well, in my entire life I’ve got only one book. Why would I need to open a new book if I can just turn the pages and begin a new chapter in my life? All bad and good experiences from my previous chapter is what shaped my world. For me, my life isn’t a library loaded with books that come in many genres with a different story. Life is a book with so many pages which is in every chapters filled with lesson and blessing. I even lost count because there are so many, too many.

Because His Plan Better Than Yours | That is the reason why something happened not according to our plan. Maybe your plan is to marry someone you are in love with or in relationship with since fourteen but instead you end up with someone you never know or barely knew. Maybe your plan is to marry at 25 but you end up single. Maybe your plan is to become a successful businessman or businesswomen and you eagerly study business at a young age but instead you still work under your boss. Maybe you dream to become a lecture but instead you became a teacher and whatsoever.

Upset ain’t ya? Well, there’s nothing much you can do about it but live your life the way it is. Trust me I’ve been there and surely you will be fine. Just like me. I am still struggling though hahaha but it’s okay ba as long as you still moving forward. Oh wait, don’t get me wrong. Am not saying to give-up on your dream life but to accept whatever it is. See things in different angle, different attitude and you will see how blessed your life is even though none of your dream that ever actually happen.

View things as it should be viewed. And don’t forget we have our own “tick tock”. Stay positive!


  1. akak pun layan baca one piece tu, antara manga yang akak layan...

    semoga tahun 2020 tahun yang gembira buat cik Itah ya

    1. may this year be a great year for u too n your family sis... amin

  2. thank you so much for sharing this.