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I Need A Break | I'm Sorry

I Need A Break | I'm Sorry

Posted on: Thursday, March 12, 2020

I Need A Break | I'm Sorry

I Need A Break | I'm Sorry. Yeah i really do. I need to stop from whatever it is because am tired. Physically and mentally. Am tired not because of you or everyone else but because of myself. I am so sorry to annoyed you, sorry because of the way i thinking, sorry for the way i act. And i know sometime i became so rude and cakap ikut sedap mulut.. Huhuhu

I'm sorry for being me.

My mind is running a mile a minute, it pretty hard for me to keep up. With everything racing around in my head it hard to control the thoughts going on inside me especially the negative ones. Believe me i love you and i didn't mean to annoy you but what happened in the past terrified me. I fear it will occur again..

Funny is i may be better at giving advice to people than in actually applying my counsel to myself. Ironic but true.

I try but still it ain't easy. I'm so sorry. But for both our sake I will try my best ..